We collaborate with your organisation to find the best solution for your next event.


Difficult situations are solved immediately - The impossible might take a bit more time.

We take pride in providing you with the best possible staff for both bigger and smaller events.

We’re familiar with all corners of the event business, and therefore we and our Event pilots deliver the highest level of flexibility in our services and problem solutions. We can always fix you an extra (or 10!) staff members – cause this is the demand of the business. Our primary function is to support you as an organizer so that you can follow through with the event that you envisioned.

We support you in all aspects of the event.

We come in all forms…

Hosts and hostesses, entrance staff, wardrobe staff, bartenders, safety- and information staff, guides, cleaning staff etc…

Our Event Pilots fulfill any function that you may need, and they work effectively to help your event become a success.

Our staff is our most important asset.

Only through there success, we succeed.

Therefore our vision is to combine several experiences from different fields of the event industry.

We combine the employment agencies’ ability to hire the amount of staff members needed with security agencies’ strict quality control when screening applicants. This ensures that only the best of all our young applicants can call themselves Event Pilots.

One Complete solution for your event.

Need an all-encompassing solution for your event? Let us do the work.

Our business partners can provide you with everything from stage setup, light and audio to professional security plans and execution. You’ll only have to manage one single price and supplier.


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